Wednesday, August 31, 2011

International Visitors

We love and miss you all! I would love to see you and show you around Japan! Unfortunately, your winter breaks line up exactly with the time that I will be 9 months pregnant/taking care of a newborn. Babies come on their own schedule that is outside of my knowledge or control. Aside from the 2 approved visitors during that time, I encourage all international visitors to consider a trip during the fall or spring. Please consider this humble request!
Laura & Jonathan

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ultrasound photo

Here's a picture of our baby! The head is the prominent feature in this ultrasound printout, with some of the spine visible- oooh creepy! We felt the little dude or dudette's first kick on Saturday in the evening after Laura had eaten a strawberry crepe. Since then, Laura's periodically been stopping mid-sentence to tell me the baby kicked, where I'll rush over to try and feel it, but, of course, s/he won't do it.

Also, we're 20 weeks today!

We have an appointment tomorrow to determine the sex of the little hitchhiker. We'll let you know soon whether you should start conditioning our unborn child to like blue and footballs and trucks or pink and princesses and dolls with an age old display of rampant consumerism. Haha JK LOL. Not really. But seriously though, you are going to buy our baby a ton of stuff, right?

I'm doing well; I have a break from work for a few weeks to relax and enjoy summer. We're going to go on a babymoon soon and enjoy all the foreign food Osaka has to offer and watch movies. We'll post later to let you know which box our baby fits in!

Jonathan (and Laura)