Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whirlwind everything

A quick update for all of you- Laura is in Japan right now, in Oi town. She's establishing our apartment, getting the internet set up, going grocery shopping, doing more orientations, etc. I leave tomorrow morning at 8:50 AM for Tokyo and arrive at 3:05 PM at Narita Airport. Right now it's the rainy season there, and the weather is really hot and humid. We're both really excited to be together again!

Our wedding was great; thank you to everyone for making it such a wonderful day! Pictures and all that will be coming at a later time.

Our honeymoon was decidedly grand. Like the canyon. We saw a lot of our beautiful country, which we will share with you also at a later date. We needed three months to do everything we wanted and not just three weeks. One day we'll revisit that adventure...

But now, a new adventure!



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