Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hey folks,

Blast from the past for you. Do you remember this song? Released July 7, 1987 Buster Poindexter's Hot Hot Hot makes you feel good about the hot muggy summer days. I will just put this on repeat during those afternoons when the schools decide not to turn the A/C on.

How you feeling?
Hot Hot Hot!

I am still feeling pretty sick but I am sure you are as bored of reading the vomiting posts as I am of doing the vomiting! So today's topic is ways to stay cool in 90+ degree weather with 60% or higher humidity. First, keep yourself hydrated! Drinking water throughout the day and especially during the hottest time (11AM to 3PM for me at school) will keep you feeling fresh and help your body regulate its own temperature through the power of perspiration. I also recommend nice breathing techniques. Deep, calm, even breaths work great for cooling yourself down. If you exhale with your mouth open, you can further regulate your temperature by evaporating the water from your mouth. You can also try aroma-therapeutic techniques. For Christmas, my family sent me this great stress-relieving lotion from the body store Origins. It is called Peace of Mind and it works wonders to just dab a bit of the stuff on your temples, earlobes, and the back of your neck. The peppermint scent smells great and it has some kind of cooling properties that feel great and give you a little burst of energy. If you have access to a cool, wet washcloth, wipe it on your face and especially the back of your neck. If you can smuggle Popsicles into work, more power to you.

If none of these techniques work, you can always take a sick day claiming heat exhaustion!

Good luck and stay cool!

Laura (and Jonathan!)

*Update: I forgot to mention Buster Poindexter's version is a cover. For the 7 minute original by Arrow, click here.

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