Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 15th. Am I the only one not posting about Harry Potter?

Hello friends and family,

Not too much to update here. Things have been pretty much the same this week. Jonathan and I have been going to work and I have been getting sick pretty much daily. I go to the doctor today so I am going to talk to him about it and see if there is anything (else) I can do about the morning sickness. I have tried practically everything that does not involve prescription medication. Here is a summary of what I have been trying and my feelings about morning sickness:

I have tried everything - ginger, lemons, peppermint, popsicles, bland foods, sea bands, eating many small meals throughout the day, not drinking water during meals, keeping crackers by my bedside... Unfortunately I think I am just one of those women whose morning sickness sucks so bad nothing short of medication will work on it. But women with horrible morning sickness have fewer miscarriages and fewer birth defects so at least I know my body is just trying to protect the baby and not torturing me for no reason, lol.

I am going to ask my doctor what he thinks I should do about this. I have lost more than 5% of my body weight and the severity of the symptoms have been inhibiting me from doing my job. I either need to get some help of the prescription medication variety or get a note from my doctor that lets me use sick leave instead of my vacation time when I am extremely nauseated or vomiting uncontrollably and have to leave work. Luckily the schools have started using the air conditioners earlier and more readily so I am not spending so much time vomiting. I definitely think that working with 25-40 noisy, sweaty kids in 85-95 degree heat and unforgiving humidity is exacerbating the nausea. Maybe my schools saw this report coming and decided that using the air conditioner is worth avoiding unnecessary hospitalization for the pregnant ALT and any other students and staff with a weakened constitution.

In happier news I got a package from my family this week! I got more deodorant, Tums (for the calcium and to help with the heartburn), vegan prenatal vitamins, and maternity clothes! Yay! Mom and Julia went shopping at Target and got me a nice camisole and 2 adorable dresses. I am wearing one of the dresses at work right now. I love maternity clothes, they are so comfortable. I was really excited that my very first maternity clothes were picked out by Mom and Jules. I don't know why but that really makes them feel closer to me and the baby and I need that closeness since I cant see them and share this pregnancy with them as well as I would like to. I will have to post a picture of my outfit today so you can see the dress and the baby bump. Even though I have lost over 15 pounds, my tummy is definitely showing the pregnancy early on. All the teachers keep telling me they are worried about me because my face looks so thin, (Which it does. Can you lose 15 pounds just in the face?) but I definitely feel like my body is changing in a way that points to "baby on board."

So our doctor's appointment is today. This will be the first time Jonathan sees the little guy/girl in real time so we are pretty excited. I am 16 weeks along so it is probably too soon to tell if it is a boy or girl, but this should be a fun visit nonetheless. My doctor mentioned doing the 3D ultrasound this time which could be cool. I hope he does a regular one too because I want to post the pictures of the normal ultrasound. I think the 3D ultrasounds do look a little creepy from what I have seen on the internet and I don't want you thinking we are having some kind of alien baby over here. I get enough "radioactive spiderman / mutant ninja turtle" jokes as it is. If you are very brave, just google "3D ultrasound" images, and you will see what I mean. They kind of look like badly formed clay babies that melted a little. The major positive thing about the 3D/4D ultrasounds is that you can determine the sex of the baby very soon (at 16 weeks, the 3D ultrasound is 99% accurate in determining the sex of the baby). Most hospitals will not check the gender until 20 weeks. So maybe we will find out today and maybe not. Boys are usually easier to determine than girls for obvious reasons.

Well I will end the post here. If I get good (read:non-creepy) pictures, I will post them this weekend. Monday is a national holiday so we are looking forward to a little downtime. Enjoy your Harry Potter 7.5 midnight showings! We will probably see it in late August when we go to Osaka, so try to keep from gushing about the movie to us too much.

Laura (and Jonathan!)

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